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Is ORBERA® right for me?

Do you need help controlling your appetite or are you looking for an easy way to kick start your weight loss? With the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program you can expect to lose up to 15kg* of excess weight and achieve the lifestyle goals you want. And while the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program does not require surgery, any medical procedure requires careful thought and consideration.

Kick start your weight loss with a goal

There are 61.4% of Australians – that’s 9.6 million people – who are currently overweight and many of these people struggle with the same issues that you do. Many have reasons that will help them lose the weight. Take a look at the reasons below and how the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program could help you.

  • Want to look great for an event?
  • Have you been dieting for years?
  • Trying to conceive and want to lose weight quickly?
  • Want your pre-pregnancy body back?
  • Looking for a weight loss support network?
  • Recovering from a sporting injury?

Taking the first step

To begin your ORBERA® journey, the first step is to talk to a qualified and trained doctor who is the only person who’ll advise you and perhaps start you on the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program journey. Your doctor may also advise you that you might not be a suitable candidate for the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program.

  • Moderately overweight Australians who’ve been unable to achieve their desired weight loss through traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise
  • People who aren’t eligible for, or who are uncomfortable with, other forms of weight loss surgery who are aiming to lose 10 to 15kg*
  • Patients with BMI of ≥ 27 who are willing to participate in an established medically-supervised diet and behaviour modification program with regular follow-up.
  • People who have had previous gastrointestinal surgery, any inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, potential upper gastrointestinal bleeding or other congenital anomalies, large hiatal hernia or other structural abnormality in the oesophagus or larynx
  • People who may suffer from any other medical conditions that would not permit endoscopy
  • People who are unwilling to adopt the dietary habits and behaviour change critical to the success of the therapy
  • People who are going through drug or alcohol addiction
  • Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • People who have had prior or present psychological disorders
  • People who are taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory agents, anticoagulants or other gastric irritants
  • As with all medical procedures there are potential risks of unforeseen, unknown or adverse reactions to medications and the procedure itself. Please discuss your questions and expectations about the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program with an informed doctor and evaluate the benefits versus possible risks.



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