How is ORBERA® different?

The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program is unique in that it’s not a stand-alone diet, not surgery and not a diet pill.

As ORBERA® helps you feel full more quickly, it’s a great internal support system that works with you to help change bad habits and to achieve your weight loss goals. And the good thing is that it has already been an accepted treatment for weight loss internationally for many years. The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program has several advantages over other non-surgical weight-loss programs.


People who qualify for the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program can:

  • Receive a vital kick start to better health and wellbeing 
  • Enjoy a feeling of fullness soon and longer after meals, which encourages portion control and helps manage hunger
  • Feel supported by a qualified team of medical experts who will tailor a program specifically for you and keep you focused on your goal
  • Learn proven ways to help you maintain your weight loss over time
  • Benefit from a successful non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approach to weight loss.
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