What is ORBERA®?

The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program is a unique and effective non-surgical weight loss program. With ORBERA®, provided you follow the program correctly, you can expect to lose up to 15kg* of excess weight.

Designed for the body and the mind

The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program combines two effective therapies that combine to kick start your weight loss. Part 1 of the program is designed for the body to lose weight. Part 2 is to help you manage your hunger, boost your willpower and change bad habits.

How does ORBERA® work?
The ORBERA® ‘balloon’ is a soft, expandable intragastric (inside the stomach) device that is temporarily inserted into the stomach.
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How is ORBERA® different?
The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program is unique in that it’s not a stand-alone diet, not surgery and not a diet pill.
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How much weight will I lose?
A person's weight loss typically occurs more rapidly during the first three months of treatment.
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Is there support to help me?
The ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss Program also has a 12 month professional support program.
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*Weight loss results vary from person to person. 

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